wild caught grasshoppers?


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Just a little more info. on the lubbers (one species anyways) - these are common here in AZ in certain areas. They are actually wonderful creatures as long as you're not feeding them to anything. They are extremely "tame" and not in any way aggressive. They can be handled with no fear of being bitten.

Taeniopoda eques

"T. eques
possesses a multi-sensory defense system. The chemical secretion has a strong coffee-vanilla odor and composed of a complex mixture of synthesized phenolics and plant toxins produced from the grasshopper's diet.[2] When consumed, the toxic tissues of T. eques cause vomiting or death in predators.[11] The species relies on a comprehensive aposematic display containing chemical deterrents, and visual and auditory elements for defense against vertebrate predators. For example, when attacked by mice, the grasshoppers spray the odorous secretion from their metathoracic spiracles while producing a hissing noise. The secretion surrounds the insect in a noxious deterrent cloud. Adults also turn sideways to predators and display their bright red hindwings while waving their bright antennae and spiny hindlegs in a threatening manner. Together these signals warn naïve predators and remind experienced predators of the grasshopper's toxicity.[2][11]"

(One previous post already showed an example)




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thank you guys for the help! i still don't know if i want to feed them because i don't wanna risk hurting my chameleons!
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