Wierd lump on egg


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OK, so my possibly-fertile brevicaudata egg has been incubating about 65 days now. Several weeks ago it developed "stretch marks", and one of them was a little wider than the others. I noticed a little matter coming out of it, but it became hard and didn't get bigger. I assumed this was a bit of the amnion and I wasn't worried, since it sort of sealed itself off.

We're watching the egg closely now, and the lump is getting bigger--a little more amnion (or whatever) all the time. It's soft when it first comes out (?), but then hardens. It definitely isn't mold. Has anybody else seen this before? Is it a bad sign? The stuff looks like it's crystallizing or something, which is one of the things that makes me think it's the amnion.

Any ideas? :confused:
I’ve had a brev eggs “ooze” once before, I ended up opening it up to see if it was developing and it was. The next time I see this, I will just leave the egg alone to see what happens.

Not sure what the exact problem was, it could have just been an imperfection in the egg and the egg IS under a bit of pressure so maybe it just gave way. Like I said I’ve only seen this once and I’ve hatched out around 200 brevs. I would just leave it be and see how it turns out. I would really like to see a picture of this.

Lastly, if you have been keeping the eggs in the low 70s (F) then that egg MAY be ready to hatch and is releasing moisture – from your description I doubt it though – again a pic would help.

I consistently have eggs hatch at around 79 days with temps in the low 70s (F)

Whew...that makes me feel a little better, anyway. My son will be relieved...I don't know how he'll handle it if he ever has human kids! :p I'll try to borrow my Mom's digi camera and take a pic. I'm pretty sure it's not "sweating" yet. We try to check it at least once a day, since we're getting down to the deadline. Our house stays at about 76, and the closet may be a tad warmer.

I REALLY hope this thing hatches....

Thanks, Roo!
One of my brev eggs did that, too. Unfortunately, I took it as a sign that the fetus had died and opened up the egg. It hadn't, and I could see blood pumping through it. I would really like to hear if yours makes it to hatching. Anyhow, I did take pictures... is this what is happening to yours?



These two shots are more of an FYI of what is happening to your egg. I really need to buy a macro lense and haven't yet, but as you can see, the chameleon is all eyes..


Wow...that's sad, Heika. Yeah, that's kind of what mine looks like, except the color isn't as yellow...it's more greyish white. Also, mine has different levels to it, since it has oozed at different times. The freshest ooze is a little gooey. I'm not going to open this up or do anything to it unless maybe it gets past 100 days or something without hatching.

I'll try to get a pic soon....
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