Why wont my R. Nchisiensis Lay?


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Hi everyone, Im getting really concerned as my female Nchisiensis mated 5 1/2 months ago, yes months not weeks I witnessed them during the mating but she still hasnt laid. She is looking very lumpy now has been for the past 10days or so & seems happy moving about eating & drinking I think never actually see her drink but urates are fine. I have now removed the male just in case he was stressing her they sit in different parts of the viv & have never seen him bother her but thought that this may help. they are both CB she was 10months when she mated. The viv should be ideal there are loads of places for her to hide under bark, branches & plants, the substrate is approx 5" deep a mix of cocofibre with a little moss & orchid bark mixed in with live sphagnum moss on top soil temp is 18 during the day ambient temp 22degrees.
Please can anyone help or give me any tips Ive 2 other Rhampholeon species who have laid their eggs fine in the same room with the same temps & setup!
Thanks so much Heatherxxx
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