Why is it so hard?


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Why is finding someone to build cages so hard? I'm in a city of a million people and yet I cant find any one to build me custom cages! I bought one last summer from forum member Titan. It's great, but shipping across the border/Canada customs was exceptionally difficult! I would love to buy another of his but shipping is a no go. Anyway... last week I found a guy to build me one but had to stop work when I went and saw his progress! It looked like a grade school shop project. Coulda built a better one with a steak knife, drinking straws & paperclips! Maybe some tape LOL. If anyone has any suggestions about custom cages in Canada I would really like to hear them. Cheers.


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Call a custom Cabinet maker. Its basically a large cabinet with screens on the top and sides. Can I see pictures of the one u had made. I built a custom cabinet for my panther.


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You need to take a day off work and build one - I know you can. Or go to a furniture store, or home depot, get a cabinet the size you want and change part of it to screen. Have home depot cut chunks out of the area's where you want screen, then you put the screen in.
I would love to build something custom for you, but would you be interested in paying shipping? although i could potentially send it VIA greyhound bus. im sure we could find a decent rate, im in canada too
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