Who's got the best prices


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I'm looking for the best price on mail order worms.
{I asked one place if they had a combo plate. lol Wouldn't it be nice if you could order a few different worms with a side of roaches.} Who has the best prices?
Wow... someone that has a sampler/combo plate. That is awesome. If I can't find a silkworm/roach combo, I might go for this and see how the maggots work out. Anything to interest him into eating abundantly again. Thank you so much! :}
Who's got the best prices

Crazy Eddy ... his prices are insane! Sorry ... couldnt resist.

Grubco has really healthy feeders and I think the last time I checked coastal may have better prices but if you live on west coast then mullberry may be better due to shipping.
Crazy Eddy? Who is this ... crazy man of the worm? lol

Thanks for the links, Gab. That was exactly what I was looking for. :}
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