Whos all from the SF bay area!


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Just wondering if anyone is from the SF bay area? If so what do you keep, breed etc? Where do you go for supplies and all that? I'm from concord any one else from around me?


Used to live in Redwood city.In fact 3 of my 4 kids were born at Sequoyah (sp?)hospital there.But we now live in Kansas.I sure miss the beach.But not the traffic.Good luck in your hunt there.


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Not the bay area, but only two' hours away. :) Capital city. Sorry I can't be of more help.


There is a pretty cool store for exotic pets in Oakland, the East Bay Vivarium. I bought a tortoise from them a while ago, but that was when I was a kid so I do not know if they are great at taking care of their pets. Wide selection of reptiles, fish, arthropods, amphibians, etc, though.


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I'm live in the East Bay. I have a 7 month old panther chameleon and a leopard tortoise (our leopard gecko just left for college with my son). I get my crickets from variious pet stores 100 at a time because I don't care to be a cricket farmer by buying larger lots by mail order (for the time being). I buy my worms from Mulberry Farms so far. I am a fly farmer, however (pupae from mantisplace). Smokey is a fly-a-holic. I may need to put him in a fly detox program :D

The Vivarium is presently in Berkeley, not Oakland. I just bought a centipede and some crickets from them a month ago, and the leopard tortoise from them about 15 years ago (he was about the size of a silver dollar when we got him--very cool). Great place and they understand reptiles for sure.

I have loved reptiles since I was a kid and have been a rock-turner since I was three or four. By that time, my grandfather started calling me the Bugman, so that's the genesis of my screename.

I went to the Vivarium as far back as 1974, when it was in Oakland. It was the Wild West of exotic animal trade back then--before serious regulation. I remember trying to talk my buddy into buying a sidewinder rattlesnake from them :D Going back further, when I was a kid I used to send away for exotic animal catalogs. They listed all manner of poisonous snakes, baby chimpanzees, baby lions and even a baby elephant (the most expensive item IIRC) Well I always wanted a chameleon--the colors, the sticky tongue, and mostly...the goggly eyes. Now I finally have one, and am enjoying him immensely. I kid my son that he has been replaced by a lizard.


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Hey !

Im from Fairfield, Ca !

used to live in the immediate bay (alameda); parents moved out here and now im grown i live out here with my wife !

i own a veiled chameleon (female), cold as hell up here though !
(and dry)


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The last time I was there (east bay viv,) there was way too many animals that looked dehydrated for my liking. They also had several adult panthers that had extremely sunken in head pads. On their card they have a SUPER MBD veiled picture.
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