Who says Veileds are bland chameleons?

Honestly, step forward all you veiled chameleon haters! Everyone introduce your pretty veileds with a single photo. (be nice to those dial up losers ;) )

Meet Lenny, an ~11 month old female. Unfortunately she backed away right as I took the photo so she left the focus range. I love the blues, and the oranges.

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Only nice when she is sleeping ( dont get me wrong although i think veilds are evil i still love them)

Beebs - 8ish months old
Here is a picture of my veiled i took with a mega-pixle digital camera-phone, so it is a bit small.


Right after a shower.
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i have yet to get bit by a veiled. all my male does is hiss and lung but doesn't bite and my females don't even try. i love them


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oh, and, a panther would think twice before calling a veiled bland to his face. I wouldn't give any panther two seconds against my guy. Samba, Nosy be, whatever....bring it on. Not that i would really consider pinning two species against one another, but let's have some fun. Who do you believe would win, and why? This goes for any species, who is the king among chameleons? Have any breeders had incidents where two similarly sized species sqaured off? what resulted? I would be interested to know.
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I got home after their lights where off. Most of the ones I took just made them look white with the flash. I will have to take some in better lighting these look like crap. His head looks like he is about to shed so I will take them after that. His stripes are usually orange and blue. He was pretty pissed about being woke up. Sad to say but that is the best picture I have ever gotten of the female even with the head cut out. She is fast and hates the camera.
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Are people hating veiled chameleons now? If so, that's horrible. Chamaeleo calyptratus are beautiful creatures. People should be happy they are prolific! When a person is successful with one species it will encourage them to work with others more threatend.

Who could hate the face of a 2-day-old Veiled anyway...

Although no relation to the baby, here's Grandpa (March 2005) when I adopted him:

Grandpa pumped-up back in July 2005:
Veiled chameleons are under-rated. I myself have kept six different species of chameleon. Fischers are my favourite but I think Veiled come a close second. Not only are they incredibly beautiful (in the top three of all species in my opinion) but they are also very hardy. My own male Veiled is over five years old and I am amazed he is still here from what he has gone through this year at the vets etc. including six months on critical care before eating on his own again. Any other species of chameleon would have given up by now I am sure. I think Veiled chameleons also have amazing personalities, they are aggressive yes but also have a brilliant inquisitive nature ;)
I got some slightly better pictures. That camera makes him mad. I think his relaxed colors are better looking then the nervous ones he is displaying in the pictures.
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Well, I must show of my lovely Luna. She is on her big jungle gym in the sky as of July2nd 2005, but here she is on her real one in my office. Her other eye was looking at Lita, my cat, on the ground:D

for more of her, go here: lele's webshots
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