Who Has The Best Prices For Crickets?


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Hi Everyone
I'm new here and I have been looking at all the great post some of you do.
I am getting a Panther from Screameleons next week and I have everything ready, but crickets.
I was looking around at a few places but they are charging a lot.
Prices for crickets has gone up but everything has.

Great forum and I hope I can meet some good people on here.:D

Thanks for the help and for looking, have a good day.;)

I buy crickets from http://www.cricketfactory.com/. Dan guarantees satisfaction, and is an overall awesome guy to do business with. Price is $10.75/thousand, and shipping is pretty reasonable. I think that probably depends on where you live, though. If I lived on the east coast, I would find an east coast cricket supplier.

I use wormman.com for my crickets. He charges about $20 for 1000 crickets shipping included and has smaller bundles too. I have been really happy with him and he's in Michigan.
I also use the www.cricketfactory.com. He has the best price for a 1000. Ask for Dan he will give you a discount if you buy 5000 or more. They are only $10.50 per 1000. If you buy 5000 it is only $10 per 1000. I have also used www.reptilefood.com. They have the same prices. You can also purchase mealworms from either place. I like the cricket factory better because you can place the order with a real person on the phone. I have been using them for about 9 months.
I also use Cricketfactory. I live near so i pick them up directly. They pack a nice new box for me with tons more than 1000. Almost looks like 2000.
I have ordered crickets from Fluker's and was not happy.
They were bigger than what I ordered and at least half of them arrived dead.
I have been very happy with Reptilefood.com.

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