Who hand sprays???


I dont have a mister yet but a pump sprayer to use and a dripper.Does anyone else here mist their cages by hand daily?


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I don't use cages but I do hand mist.:) Have several misting systems but rarely use them.
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all the time everyday..(its a free range)..mistking next week.. (3 -4 times a day,for 5 mins, 7 days a week)


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I hand mist 3x/day with a motomister, (saves on the hand, let the batteries do the work). Also use a zoomed dripper, that drips into a large plant. I supplement with a cool air humidifier next to the cage.. Only big downfall I see is if you want to go away for a day or so, an auto system would really be best. This has worked for me for 6 months, though.


I do mist mine by hand with a normal pump mister once or twice a day. More so when they are shedding.


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i certainly do...not to bad..get a pump sprayer or something..the dollar store ones get painful lol


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I haven't hand misted in about two years now... I don't really miss it. lol I love my mistking. Cheers!


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I have a handheld pump sprayer from Lowes and I mist 20+ cages twice daily! :)

My MistKing is sitting outside on the porch!


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i hand spray. although i am about to start a DIY misting system. six of my cages hand misting involves a ladder :p


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I only hand mist my dart frogs. I let the mist king do the misting for me. I used to hand spray, but the amount of water my mellers wanted was causing my arms to hurt. It just wasnt feasable anymore. But I still have a large hand pump sprayer in case the power goes out for a while and the mist king cant run.


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I hand mist, I have a habba mister, and I have a homemade dripper. It's really dry here right now... I have to try pretty hard to keep the humidity up. I really want to get one of those motomister things though cos it gets so tiring using the one I have. It was meant for misting bonsai trees, so yeah not that great for this.


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I'm hand misting. Only one chameleon, but I find it a horrid experience and I am getting a mistking. Or rather, a family member with some $$$ is getting me one because he saw me standing there misting a cage that's 7 feet in the air and felt bad haha. When she was lower it wasn't awful now that I put her cage up and she's now a real tree dweller my arms feel like they're going to fall off. Priscilla gets mad when I stand on a step ladder.:rolleyes:
i have a MistKing running into 2 of my large chameleon cages. i mist an extra 5 cages by hand. or use my reptifogger when i just want to relax and watch my guys but too lazy to mist by hand.. which happens alot at night:rolleyes:

[EDIT], i will be running a mistking to 3 or 4 of my other cages, seeing as those species require roughly same humidity.. ahh life will be a box of jello after that


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i hand mist, it is not that bad probably because i only have 3 cages too mist soo thats probably why my hands dont really hurt after
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