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  1. gngorman

    gngorman New Member

    I have a 3 month old veiled chameleon male. There is some kind of white substance on him can you tell me what it is? Just reply what more info you need if you need anymore. Please help.

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  2. SpinyFranky

    SpinyFranky New Member

    Bad Picture quality.... could possibly be the start of a shed. Possibly.

    Is it sticky or smooth or what? you need to describe it more as well as fill out the how to ask for help form. Perhaps its sap from a plant or something.
  3. gngorman

    gngorman New Member

    All i had was my cam phone and where do i fill out the how to ask for help form? The only kind of plants i have are pothos and some fake plants, so cant be sap.
  4. reptoman

    reptoman Avid Member

    How to ask for help

    Chameleon Info:
    Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your chameleon. How long has it been in your care?
    Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon?
    Feeding - What are you feeding your cham? What amount? What is the schedule? How are you gut-loading your feeders?
    Supplements - What brand and type of calcium and vitamin products are you dusting your feeders with and what is the schedule?
    Watering - What kind of watering technique do you use? How often and how long to you mist? Do you see your chameleon drinking?
    Fecal Description - Briefly note colors and consistency from recent droppings. Has this chameleon ever been tested for parasites?
    History - Any previous information about your cham that might be useful to others when trying to help you.

    Cage Info:
    Cage Type - Describe your cage (Glass, Screen, Combo?) What are the dimensions?
    Lighting - What brand, model, and types of lighting are you using? What is your daily lighting schedule?
    Temperature - What temp range have you created (cage floor to basking spot)? Lowest overnight temp? How do you measure these temps?
    Humidity - What are your humidity levels? How are you creating and maintaining these levels? What do you use to measure humidity?
    Plants - Are you using live plants? If so, what kind?
    Placement - Where is your cage located? Is it near any fans, air vents, or high traffic areas? At what height is the top of the cage relative to your room floor?
    Location - Where are you geographically located?

    Current Problem - The current problem you are concerned about.

    Pictures are helpful
  5. gngorman

    gngorman New Member

    Your Chameleon - Veiled, Male, 3 months old. I have had it for 1 week.
    Handling -Just to clean his cage.
    Feeding -1/2 inch crickets, rep-cal calcium with D3 and reptivite. I use a homemade gutload(cat/dog food, infant formula, bran cereal, and baby rice cereal.)
    Watering -Coffe jug, drilled hole, 1/4 inch tubing with a shut off valve set to a slow drip about 1 drip per second, I mist 3 times a day for 5 mins a peice. I have not seen him drink yet.
    Fecal Description -Brown with solid white, hard.
    Has this chameleon ever been tested for parasites? Yes by FL Chams
    History - Any previous information about your cham that might be useful to others when trying to help you. NONE

    Cage Info: Fully Screened, 24x24x36, wood frame
    Cage Type - Lighting - Reptisun 5.0 coil bulb, and a 60 wt house bulb for basking. I leave the basking bulb on for 12 hours per day and the uvb light for 8.
    Temperature - 72-85, 90 bask. I have 2 digital thermometors.
    Humidity - 35-60%, both thermometors are also dual hydrometers.
    Plants - 3 Hanging golden pothos
    Placement - Living room on a stand, top of cage to floor is 7 1/2 ft
    Location - Claremont, North Carolina
  6. pssh

    pssh New Member

    Change the coil bulb to a linear tube bulb and start gutloading with greens like collards, kale, mustard greens, dandelions, and endive. Use fruits and veggies like squash, sweet peppers, carrots, yams, oranges, and papayas too. Don't use any dog/cat/fish food. The baby cerial is okay, I don't know about the infant formula though.

    90 is a little hot for a baby, bring it down to 80-83 ish. How do you supplement? You should be using a calcium without d3 5 times a week, a calcium with d3 twice a month, and a multivitamin once a month.

    It looks like a shed picture to me, but I can't say for sure because the pics are blurry.
  7. gngorman

    gngorman New Member

    Well i have been using the d3 and vitamin everyday for the past week, did i mess up really bad? Will he still be fine if i go and get regular calcium, and start supplementing right?
  8. gngorman

    gngorman New Member

    What is wrong with the coil bulb it is brand new? Is it bad, i am fairly new with chams.
  9. CNorton

    CNorton Avid Member

    Although not all coil bulbs are "bad," most keepers would suggest that the linear tube bulb Repti-sun 5.0 is the safest and most effective.

    Here is a study by a published scientist on the subject.

    Also Dave Weldon has some excellent posts on the matter:
    New Special Report
    Updated Info for CF UVB Lamps

    I hope this helps!:)
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  10. pssh

    pssh New Member

    Just don't give any d3 or vitamins for a few weeks. Some members hardly ever even use d3, so a month without it probably won't hurt. From now on be careful about the d3, repcal brand is the reason why people are afraid of overdose. It's a good brand, but it shouldn't be used too often (it has like ten times the amount of most other brands, if I remember correctly.)
  11. Elizadolots

    Elizadolots New Member

    My guess is he's getting ready to shed. Babies shed often (per posts on this board).

    People are jumping on your "facts" while ignoring your question. Sadly, that happens.

    You probably should not be using the supplements the store gave you as often as they told you to...that's sort of a sad reality: pet stores, even specialty reptile stores, give inaccurate information.

    Hopefully one of the posters really familiar with your chameleon will chime in with advice.If you get advice but don't know whether the person is someone to be listened to, I'd suggest asking one of the moderators (You can send any of them a Private Message).

    However, in the short time you've had the animal, I doubt there's been anything irreparable done. Chameleons can bounce back from minor, short lived problems.
  12. CNorton

    CNorton Avid Member

    Wait...how is the op's question being ignored? From the blurry pics provided, there is little certainty in any of our assessments.

    I see 3 suspect husbandry practices: lighting, gutload, and supplements.

    Lay off the supplements as pssh already said, switch to linear repti-sun 5.0 bulb, and ditch your homemade gutload for leafy greens (collards, mustards, and kale), apples, oranges, potatoes, bee pollen, spirulina, bran, and/or alfalfa.

    Please don't point fingers at people when they try to be helpful...it's just not nice:(
  13. stickytongue

    stickytongue New Member

    looks like your cham is shedding but mine sheds form nose to tail so i dont know.
  14. Elizadolots

    Elizadolots New Member

    Yet....for all the blurriness of the pictures, people are jumping on husbandry issues and making it sound as though they know what is right.

    They are commenting on the lighting, the gut loading, the temps.

    The question is: what's the white stuff? The answer is: most likely pre-shed. It's a baby, they shed.
  15. Leilaskeeper

    Leilaskeeper New Member

    They are commenting on general husbandry because they are noticing issues which may be contributing to the issue. People who usually give advice, do so because they know from experience.

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