White spot on nose, black lines on sides


I have a 3.5 month old female veiled chameleon named Kermit. I've had her for about 3 weeks. Just today I noticed a white spot on her nose and some black lines on her sides that weren't there before. I don't know if I should be worried about them or not. Is she healthy? What should I do about this? I welcome any other suggestions about my setup as well as I am new to chameleon care.




Cage Info:

* Cage Type - 22 gallon apogee reptarium
* Lighting - an 18 inch fluorescent reptiglo 5.0 inside of the cage and a 120 W phillips incandescent plant light (for heat) outside of the cage. The lights are on for 12 hours a day.
* Temperature - The basking temperature is about 86 degrees and the other side of the cage is 70. At night the cage is at room temperature, which is 65-70.
* Humidity - 50-70%.
* Plants - 1 begonia, 3 spider plants, 1 fake plant, 3 bend-a-vines
* Location - The cage is on my desk, next to my computer. Except for me at my desk, this is a low-traffic area. There is an air vent about 5 feet away.

Chameleon Info:

* Feeding - She's eating 8-10 small crickets a day. They are gutloaded with "Nature Zone Cricket Total Bites" and dusted with Ca + P.
* Watering - I made a drip system from a pressure sprayer, a garden sprinkler timer, 2 spray nozzles, and a bunch of tubing and adapters to link it all together. It rains in her cage 3 times a day for 2 minutes each time. I've never seen her drink.
* Fecal Description - Black mushy/White rubbery mix. Sometimes the white part is a bit yellowed. She poops once a day. Each poop is about 3 times the size of a cricket.
* History - I bought her 3 weeks ago from a breeder at a reptile show. The breeder said that she was 3 months old at the time.

The little white dot looks to me to be a bit of dry skin; perhaps from the last shed? And I would say that the dark color is just some normal coloring up!
Other than she looks great! Sounds to me like you also have a really good set up for the lil-gal..
You should not have a light inside the cage-she could get burnt. Sit the flourescent light on top. Gutload your crix with natural foods like orange, collards, etc. She needs to be misted for at least 5-10 min a couple time a day-poop should be nice and white-yellows mean dehydration. Good luck with your little one!
yes the white seems to look like a dry skin eihter from a shed or maybe starting to go into a new one, the lines look like her color. and yes i agree with the other post to put the flourecscent light outside the cage, they don't get to hot but with all the spraying and water it is not a good mix. it is hard to tell from the close up but her eyes don't look as plump as they should be make sure she is getting her water!!
The white spot is dry skin on that specific scale that didn't shed and the line is completely normal coloration on the side. Don't be concerned with any of this. The chameleon looks to be in perfect outward condition.
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Listen to this last guy-he has gotten me through all of my Chameleon stress and misinformation! Not to mention provided me with a beautiful Chameleon.
other questions

Thanks to everyone for the help and suggestions. I'm glad that it was nothing to worry about. :D I have a couple other questions about her:

1) When should I put sand in the bottom of her cage for egg laying?
2) When should I move her to her adult-sized cage?
3) Is it ok that I've never seen her drink water?
4) How often should she shed? I've had her for 3 weeks and she hasn't shed yet.

Chances are she shed before you got her. I got my guy at 2 months, he shed a few days after I got him, and then a month later than 3 weeks later. I did not see mine drink for a long time after I got him, and sometimes they are very secret drinkers. As far as the big cage-- mine is in a 38 Reptarium at 18 weeks and I think he will be OK in there for a few more months-it really depends on how fast they grow. Here is a pic of my set up...
I would put that Reptarium vertically as Chams are arboreal lizards and like to be at high points in the cage. If you have ever had a lightbulb explode, you would not want it inside an enclosure, and if it has a plastic cover it needs to be removed so that UVB light can pass through.
My baby veiled also has the dark lines on her sides which now change colours black,purple,orange sometime yellow.Theres some pictures of her in my gallery theres actually one of her black lines the picture of her standing on my hand.Kermit is beautiful.
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