White Spot on my Female Panther Chameleons Eye


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An option for a stand off? Placing 2 strips diagonal over the plastic and reflector on it. Our hanging it down from the ceiling for example.
What the lump could be I really don´t know, it´s nothing usual.

Hi, thanks for your concern and advice, I tried placing the heatlamp on top of the viv in the outside and due to the thermostat sensor being on the inside the plastic rims started smouldering and was smelling burnt here's a pic of lid from top view, could the lump be Papilloma virus? I'll look into another tank for Pastol and keep Rango in his current tank, thanks

And please these vids for little girl



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I don’t think that your girl’s eye bump looks like a papilloma as usually those are scaly/crusty looking rather than smooth.
Are you handy at all? I had gotten an Exo Terra enclosure that had no top (it had melted) and I made a fitted top for it. It’s the same process as making a window screen and not hard to do at all.
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