White nose??


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Lola seems happy and healthy but I started noticing yesterday that her nose is turning white... I thought maybe she was going to start shedding or something but it's just her nose... there's no cocaine stash anywhere that I can find... heh. any suggestions?

I have read on here in other posts that it comes from the animals salt glands as a way to excrete salt basically. Its not harmful as far as I have read and I guess it is pretty normal because it happened to my little guy as well.
Nope, not in my experience. My veileds are the only chameleons that I have that get the white crustiness on the nose and really only my female veiled. I have never had a problem with her hydration. She gets the white crustiness around her nose occasionally.. maybe once every other month. I just dampen a cotton swab with plain water and gently wipe it away. As long as she has no other signs of dehydration (urates yellow or orange, sunken eyes, "loose" looking skin) then I wouldn't worry about it being a factor.

Over supplementation can also cause this, as Heika pointed out. What dusting schedule are you following? What are you gutloading your feeders with?
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