White Mucous


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I just got home to find my Chameleon has a glob of white mucous looking stuff coming from his vent. Does anyone know if this is at all normal or what I can do to help him? Please help!


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I guess that could be what it is. I got Leo as an adult so they knew he was atleast 1.5 yrs old. I have seen some off white color stuff in the cage in the past month dried to the leaves and wasn't sure what that was. This was actually still attached to him and when I opened his door he came right to see me which is a little unusual since he does not like to be handled. I sprayed him really good and sprayed his back end thinking maybe it just dried on there. I have an adult male Bearded and he has never displayed any signs of manlihood,lol!
I will keep an eye on him. Thanks for the thread and I hope that is all it is.:D:


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Without seeing it we cannot say definitely what it is but my cham is a boy and has been making "deposits" all over his cage for quite some time. He is 13months old. He wipes his vent on the leaves and branches and it dries yellow. hopefully that is all it is!!!


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If I put Samson in the shower, it is a guarantee that he will get rid of some Smegma. Watch him when he poops next and see if you can see him undulating his hemipenis while it is inside him and try to pump some of that old semen out.

One day Samson had some stuck to his vent as well and I just kept it moist and he worked it out on his own. Never fall to the temptation to "help" him out by yanking it out of him as there is a good chance it is still stuck to him
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