which thermometer should i use?????


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ok i was trying to get the temp rite in my chams cage and i was measuring it with a zoomed therm...with a probe and it was giving me a low temp then i measured it with the flukers thermo/hygrometer and its giving me a diff temp ...im thinking of just kind of going with the flukers...because its giving me a higher temp...im sooo:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:...idk which one to trust...


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Don't get the T-Rex thermometer hat's "o" shaped, it's terrible! It seems that the only two temperatures mine read before I threw it out were 60F and 100F!
i hate the flukers!! I had it; I don't know if it was because it got heavily misted on and something happened to it (probably not because humidity gages should be water proof), but anyways it never reads the same as my other gages. Do not trust it just because it looks nice and its digital. Maybe not all of them have problems, but mine sure does and possibly yours as well.
I just picked up one of those thermometer guns from the link cristian posted. It's great so far, and the company is hilarious! As soon as you take out the gun, it uncovers a thumbs-up over the word Nice! They also joke around in the instructions.

It's really easy to use, just point and press the button and you'll get a reading in less than a second. It's great for me, because I can't afford a bunch of thermometers for the cage, and I can use this everywhere in it! Thanks a lot for the link!
I have a digital temp/humidity gauge I bought at Lowes and also an exo terra for the other side of the cage, I suppliment with an infrared laser temp gun.
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