which sticks are safe?


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I know plants have been covered many times, but what about sticks?
i was thinking of adding a few more routes for nemo.
what trees/bushes could i use? which ones to stay away from?
obviously, id give it a good clean first
Maple, Elm and Cottonwood are safe.
Be sure to clean them well. Maybe even bake them at 250 degrees for an hour or so.

Ha im sure any branches will be fine i use boxeldertree wood and bobs been alive for 3 years my cousin uses some kind of walnut branches so i thing pretty much anything will be fine
Follow the above suggestions by Brad for making them safe and really any thing is good.

This is really the best time of year if it is cold where you are. Sticks and branches often times fall to the ground this time of year. The cold air does a great job of sucking out all the moisture and there are no leaves to deal with on the branch. I went out and put some branches in the closet. Better to get them while the getting is good.
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