Which is better- breeding or ordering crickets in bulk??


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So I would love to know your opinion on this subject. I have 2 Panthers, both eat 1/4 inch crickets, and I also have a 2 month old crested gecko, who only eats crickets once a month or so. I know chams can go through quite a bit of crickets in a month.

I do intend on breeding my panthers down the road (right now they are both about 4 months old) so maybe order in bulk now, then breed the crix later??

What is the easiest way to breed them and actually get a good cycle going?

What do you think would be best for now?


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Unless you love the smell of crickets I would order. You should be able to get away with ordering 1000 crickets every 3 weeks to a month or so. Nothing like having crickets delivered to your door. You will find the less work the better.


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I’m with Juli. I buy crickets and breed worms. Chameleons need a good variety of feeders and silkworms and super worms are quite easy to breed.


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My only issue with that is the life expectancy of the crix. With it being only around 3 weeks or so, Im afraid most would die off before I got a chance to feed them out.

I think I may give it a try anyhow though. My chams should eat over 600 crix in a month between the 2 of them.

Now my question is, what size should I order since the crix grow quickly? Should I still order the size they actually eat, or a size smaller to allow for some growth?


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^ What they said. Definitely order in bulk, at least for now. It's cheap, easy, and they come right to your door! I have 3 adult chams and can order 500 to last me three weeks to a month. Life expectancy is a lot longer than 3 weeks in crickets...they are adults at 6 weeks. Mine last for a month easily, even if a lot of them are adults. They don't just reach adulthood and die either, they last quite a while. :)

If you order in bulk though you might want to order one or two sizes smaller than you actually need to account for the crickets growing while you have them sitting around. That way you don't up with feeders that are too big and useless after a week or two.


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I appreciate the responses. You guys have definitely helped me out. I think I may go through Petco after looking around a bit. Seems they have a very low Shipping fee of only 4.99, as opposed to Big Apple that charges QUITE a bit more than that. Also Petco has a feature where I can set up for it to be a recurring delivery, so this way I can get crix every 3 weeks and not have to worry about it. I think Im going to order 1/8 of an inch to allow for some grow room.

Thanks everyone!!
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