Which dry gut load for crickets?


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I have heard good things about Pro Geckos gut load and Chamalot Chameleons gut load. I have also heard the best from cricketfood but they dont make it anymore. I have also heard of Cricket Crack but i dont know how to order it.


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cricket crack you can get from a forum member "SwimsswiS" or check "tiki tiki reptiles"


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Well, it is a very good gutload, but the best gutload would be what the prey insects eat in the wild (that the chameleon would eat if it were wild anyways.) :)
my dry gut load consists of this:
3/4 cup bee polen
1/3 cup spirulina algae
1/2 cup kelp powder
1/4 cup Repashy CGD (crested gecko diet - used only in small amounts due to small amounts of D3 and prEformed Vitamin A, a complete diet in fuit eating reptiles, but a fruit diet suppliment for dry gutload) repashy can also be fed on occasion to chameleons aswell, trick is, getting the chameleon to eat from a spoon. can be done ive seen it accomplished with two different veileds
5tbs of CanadianFeeders.com's cricket chow

there is also approximately:
3/4 dried alfalfa (leaves and powder were unavailble, but 100% all natural alfalfa teabags work too)
1/3 cup of uncooked organic sunflower seeds
1/4 cup wheat germ (ive been advised to lower the wheat germ a bit by SandraChameleon, so if you were using this, id use about 1/3 cup instead

everything is ground in a coffee grinder and mixed together.
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