Which bulb is better in you opinion?


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Which bulb is better in your opinion.Reg 40 watt house incadesent bulb on top of the cage.Has a yellow look and keeps the basking spot at 83 degrees.OR. A 75 watt indoor flood bulb about 4 inches above the cage.Has a whiter look and keeps the basking spot at 82 degrees.ME personally i really don't like the yellow look from the household bulb.
Id guess it was up to you. I dont want a huge fixture hanging above my cage so i got with the household because i can keep it right on the screen. U could get another "plant" tube UVA and those have really good color. Im not sure the flood lights will do any harm to there eyes. But if they start closing his/her eyes around it I wouldnt use it.

you can buy reg incondecant bulb with different color tones maybe try looking for one with a whiter light if thats your pref, i use a ceramic light shroud with what looks like a flood light bulb, but i dont believe it is.
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