Where to place the hygrometer?


I actually have the digital temp/hygro from walmart with the temp probe for outdoors and the unit for indoors( I use these in all my snake cages).If I put it inside the enclosure its going to get wet. I may need to buy a different Hygrometer.What does everyone here use to measure your humidity in the cage also wheres it located inside?
I use one from Wal Mart too, it is for indoor outdoor use so i figured it should be fine if it gets wet and it has been accurate so far.

i dont even use the digital ones. i have a digital thermometor but not a hygrometer. i placed mine about half way up the terranium because the highest humidity tends to be lower in the tank, and the loweset tends to be at the very top... so i figured halfway would get a rough estimate and i keep it at 60+ because the top tends to be 5% lower than the middle and the bottom usually is 5% higher. so i just make sure my gauge doesnt hit 55 or lower because then the top is to dry.
This is not the indoor outdoor kind.It has a probe on a long cord to put outside but the main unit is supposed to stay inside.I think I might buy one of those cheap round hygro. for inside the cage.
I'll put in the middle too that sounds like great place.

actually i think i know what kind your talking about! i have a dig. themometer like that and i have had no prob with it getting wet! take a pic and post it and i can let you kno if its similar to my thermometer. if so you are fine! but like i said i have the cheap round ones and although you get just a guesstamate because every line isnt labeled its still just as accurate in my honest opinion!! but take that pic and i will let you know!!
I know, put the probe in the cage and leave the unit on top outside the cage. The probe is made to be outside which prolly gets wet when it rains.
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