where to get my cham from?


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im really in debate right now on where to get my next chameleon from. lll reptiles has baby veileds for 35 bucks, but ive had gotten one from them before, and it never seems to be in that good of shape in the first place. it never really ate that much, and died a month later. then im looking at chameleon sonly, theirs are 85 bucks but seem to know what they are doing, and seem to be a good breeder. so comments or any other ideas the next reptile show to come close to me aint until june 9, and im going out of town july 30 thru june 9. i dont really want to get an chameleon until i get back, or do you think if i got a good friend to watch it for those 11 days or not risk it. itll be like 3 months and im really dieing for one, lol. or again should i just wait until i return? any comments would be nice, thanks

I highly recommend purchasing a chameleon directly from a respected breeder. You can find a few listed as contest sponsors on this website. However, there are also others on this website as well as websites like kingsnake and fauna classifieds.

Waiting until you get back from vacation would be the safest decision; I guess it would depend on how well you trust your friend to properly care for the chameleon. You may also want to review your husbandry methods to make sure you get a better result than last time.
yea im probley going to just wait, i know what i did wrong. the humidity wasnt right, so im going to get a humidifier and build a mist system for my next little guy. im getting out of school soon, in like 2 weeks so then i should have lots of time to purchase and builded these things, and start testing the temperature and humidity. the sad thing is that the only place i could buy one direct is from petco and petsmart, no good reptile store that i know of in the houston area. so i think im going to look around and try to locate one, because im sure there gots to be some kind of store around here. thanks for your concern and responce
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