Where to get domestic housefly cultures?


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Where do you get domestic housefly cultures? I bought them one time at a reptile show and my chams loved them but I can't find any online places that have them.
Hieka, are the flies from spiderpharm too big for a brev? I would guess most regular flies would be, but I'd love to have more variety. Guess I could do fruit flies...Drew watched a brev zap a terrarium gnat the other day...:D I'm also sure I'd be sooo popular with my husband if I brought flies into the house. He hasn't seen the silkworms yet...:cool:
The flies from spiderpharm are the smaller, regular house fly. All of mine from about a couple months old or so can handle them. I feed the bigger blue bottle flies on occasion too, but the smaller guys have a hard time eating those.

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