where to buy/find hqi/hql lights?


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I keep seeing all this talk about hqi lighting as the 'main' light source in europeans cham terrariums because of it beeing the closest to mimic the sun's color rendering, where these hqi lights would give about 90 on 100, 100 being that of the sun.

They use these coupled with basking lights and uvb lights, actually most of them use the osram vitalux light (a medical usage lightbulb used for tanning and treating certain skin conditions) for uvb instead of standard neon tubes. I've searched local hardware stores but found nothing with the 'hqi' or 'hql' tag/label, (nor can I find the vitalux bulb anywhere)... should I be searching for 'metal halide' lamps? high intensity discharge? or Hydrargyrum quartz iodide lamps?


I've searched home depot's site and rona (canadian home depot style store) and can't find anything, if anyone knows where I could get info/pricing on these types of lamps that'd be great, thanks!
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I know people that use HID Lamps and also sodium lamps Like the ones used for growing da erb!
I thinking of giving some halogens a try but need to find out a bit more about them first,i think the animals would benefit from the higher levels of lighting.
I used the full mesh vivs for a long time,and then switched to solid side white vivs,and i found the change in light levels a really positive move,Mood and colour improved in my animals as did feeding and breeding.
So im hoping that more intense lighting from the halogens will be a good improvement also
Let us know how things work out with this..very interesting:)

I use HID . metal halide 10000k 175 from salt water world . they work great . I also use power compacts 10000k and vhos 50/50 . I use vhos on my baby's rudis right now and they love it . I traded in my saltwater tank last year for light . I made the vhos with work horse 7 ballast and normal 48in tube fixture . so wouldn't have to make a case to hold them . I used all different kinds of lights and think it is one the most important things with chams next to eating good . have any more lighting just asked . I worked in a salt water store for three years wiring light and cleaning tanks and workings with chams for 7 years . Jeremy Elder
Yeah at the university we have those kinds of lights for our greenhouse and some of our invertebrate tests. I know we get them from the local police dept. when they bust inhouse marijuana growers. I'll see if i can't get anything, light wise :D, from the local guys that use these in the bio department.
i was looking at some grow lights for chameleons some months ago the growlights are very bright,the one i was looking at was 150-175 watts.

would the police visit you if they could see that bright light glowing in your house?
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