where should I get my chameleon from?

FLchams is awesome (from what I heard)..Don't buy from LLLreptile, When
I told them my chameleon I bought from them died and from what they said "thats too badd, We have gotten allot of e-mail just like yours, must have been a bad batch":mad:
is there any breeder with good reputation that you guys would recommend ?

thank you

I purchased my blue bar panther chameleon from Screameleons, Vincent & Farrah are great. :D If you have any questions, you can email or phone them, they are very helpful. I will do business with them again.
We have some great reputable breeders here on this forum also.



both come highly recommended off this forum!
And www.bluebeastreptile.com... Some have more types than others... What do you want to buy? Baby, full grown, going to breed, or just want one as a cool pet? Small, big, round, yellow, blue? Kind of an open question... Look at all the sponsors of the forum and photo contest... They are all at the top of the game and all would would get a thumbs up from the forum.
Another vote for Chameleonsonly.com. Liddy is incredible to deal with and is a wealth of information. I talked with her for almost an hor last night and learned more in that period of time that I have in over 3 years of researching books and using the internet. Very happy with my purchase from them and will definatley buy from them again in the future.

Not only the service but they also seem to have the largest selection at all times.
check this out

reptileauctions.com is the ebay of reptiles. my only personal experience is from veiled chams with a guy out of pitt. penn. he has auctions on that site frequently or you can email him - [email protected] nice prices and helpful to no end. good luck
You may want to check out the link directory.

Chameleon Breeders
There are other respectable chameleon breeders out there that have not made it to the list yet. A great place to check for complaints or praises is faunaclassifieds.com.
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