Where have they all gone?


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Hello there

I've got three red eyed tree frogs in my vivarium 30x30x45.

Around midnight every night, about an hour before they awake, I add their feeder insects. One night it'll be around 6 small grasshoppers and the next night around 12 small crickets. I like to alternate the feeder insects.

What's bewildering me, is the next day, I rarely see even ONE solitary cricket!

Can I assume, that between the three frogs, they devoured them all, in just one night's foraging?

I've closed off the two openings on the roof and even blocked off the small gap inside the vivarium were the polystyrene background meets with the roof. So, hopefully, they're not escaping on me or them!

Any thoughts on the above matter, would be much appreciated folks.

Thanks in advance Mark


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Hey there. I am also a red eye keeper. Cricket are true hide and escape artists in my experience. If you have a background and/or plants, bark, anything really that they can get under or behind, they will.
Also, they are suicidal when it comes to water, so if you keep a water base, as I do for mine, you will always lose crickets to this as they jump in and can't figure out that there is a rock or stick about 1mm from them to escape and so they drown.

As far as what the frogs can consume, it really depends on their size/maturity. I can see 3 taking down what you say you are feeding on a daily(nightly actually) basis, no problem.

If your male/s are mature, are they calling in early evening (like 8:30pm for mine is what I call "Frog-o'clock. LOL) yet? Mine will answer me if I simulate their call to them, it's hilarious.

Anyway, hope this helps at least some.

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