Where are the mulberry trees around you?


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I see a lot of threads, I CANT FIND MULBERRY TREES AROUND ME! HELP! and figure, if we make a thread listing where the mulberry trees are in your general location, we can start a little mini map for people growing/feeding silkies (like me :) )

Give you region of California (i assume) and an intersection, business name, something that can be used to know where were actually talking about.
Ill start...

So Cal
Cal Aero Preserve, Chino (elementary school)
draetish same here :p

You may be surprised that there are more bushes than trees. Don't just look for trees! It is hard to find with a novice eye. But once you know how to locate it, you will see them even when you are not looking for one. They grow like weeds.
yeah I have them also in my front and back yard.. the birds planted them there.. also in my neighbhor's yards too! Always a few on every block.
I have 3 in my front lawn.
Then again, they've all lost their leaves now.

But they're a great source of leaves in the spring/summer :D
I'm luck enough to still have a few green leaves. At work right now feeding a few hundred silks right now, before hopping on the rain slicked road home.
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my silkies raised on chow actually didn't bother with fall leaves... it's just not as enticing as spring leaves.
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