When's the best time?

My female has laid a nice clutch of infertile eggs, I'm fairly positive she's laid em all but who knows she's still a little bigger than normal. Is this normal for following holding a clutch of eggs? Also she's still pinkish peach, how long is she supposed to stay this color? When will she return to her normal snow-white color?

Oh and she's a BB Ambilobe, roughly 9months old.

Lastly, when is it considered the "best" time to breed? Would mating her with my male this spring be too soon? I appreciate any and all information you have to offer, as well as any other tips you'd like to share would be great! This IS my first time breeding afterall and I'm VERY excited! =)
How many did she lay? Did she lay them normally (dig the hole, lay the eggs and then fill it in and return to the branches)? Can you post a picture of her please? She should be quite thin after laying the clutch.

Its normal for them to have the gravid colors for a while after they laid the eggs.

I never breed them until they are at least a year old. I want to make sure that they are done growing their own bones before I put the demand of fertile eggs on their system.
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