When to Upgrade Cage Size?


Hey, my cham has been going through some major growth spurts as of late. He eats about 10 crickets a day (more if I let him). I feel like the cage for him is too small. He is currently housed in a 18x18x36 and I see him actively move around his cage all the time and can't help but think he feels a little cramped up in there.

What size should he be before I upgrade to a 24x24x48?

Is there anywhere I can buy a 24x24x60? I've been looking everywhere.


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You can switch him to a big boy cage right now if you think he's cramped in the one he's in now. I've never seen any of mine have an issue with a much larger enclosure, and in fact, have seen them thrive in the bigger cages. So If you want to you can get the 24x24x48 cage now, he'd probably love the extra space.
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