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Ive heard that if you feed a chameleon food thats to big for it it wont eat it. A while back i tryed to feed stuey wax worms and he wouldnt eat them. I was wondering at what age should u start feeding them stuff like meal worms, pheonix worms, wax worms, stuff like that. I just started feeding him adult crickets he is eatig them.
if it's as long as his head is wide its should be fine. but if he swallows big bugs without trouble its okay too.
ok, hes eating crickets that are about half an inch or bigger, should i start feeding him thos eother kinda of worms i mentioned cause i dont know how big they r
I would say meals, waxes, supers, and silks are all good if he is eating those size crickets. Can not say on phonenix as I have never used. I would suggest if you use the above silk worms then supers are probably your best bet. Wax worms and meals can be throw into the mix occasionally. Wax worms are to fatty and meal worms just do not gut load well (not very nutritious).

Once he gets a little bigger then he is now you can allow the meals or supers to coccon and become bettles. I was a little aprehensive about feeding beetles at first but my adult vieleds eat them with no problem. I like doing this as apossed to just feeding the meal worms to them.
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Phoenix worms are great for even young 2 month old Chameleons because they are extra small and easily digestible and supply a lot of natural calcium! Even the large phoenix worms sold on mulberryfarms.com are small enough for a young Chameleon to swallow.
My Veil started off on medium size Phoenix worms when he was 3 months old and he still loves those active tiny worms.

These worms are very easy to store(room temp only), leaves no smell and lasts for about 3-4 weeks. Not a bad deal!

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ok thanks, im goin to the pet store in a sec, they sell all kinds of insects. Not sure about phenoix worm tho but illl try.

and chrisandpugs is that an airsoft gun? just wondering it sucks airsoft is now illegal here *cry* i hate our mayor.
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