When Should I Be Able To Feel Eggs?


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Hello all!
Well next Friday marks the two month mark for my female quad being gravid. I will put her bin in her enclosure this friday, just in case. The question is, should I be able to feel eggs at this point? With my Verrucosus female, I was able to feel them about a week before she laid. So should I be looking out for that? Her roaming is increasing, but not a lot, just enough to be noticable. I also am going to have to purchase this fridge from LLLReptile, so that will be exciting to receive it.

You should be able to feel the eggs at this point. Are you positive she is gravid?

Yes. She bred four times and I can see the lumps. I can feel them there, they just don't feel as profound as with my Verrucosus female. Maybe it is just me?

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