When does a veiled reach adult age?


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Well thats the question. What age is adult age? and how old do they get? I read that once they reach adult, you shouldnt feed them everyday but every other day. I have a 2 month old veiled male and i try to feed it as much as it will eat everyday. when should i stop this? i dont want an obese chameleon.. thanks for your replies.
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At first, veliled chameleons live for 5 years (if they are well harboured), but females live usually shorter life (because of laying eggs).
Stop feeding him daily as he reaches one year. I´ve also read that some people stop feeding at the age of 8 or 10 months... It just varies. So keep an eye on him since 8 months and you´ll see ;)
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Let him eat as much as he wants now while he's growing.
About 8 months I think is right for adult size, or close to adult size.
You'll get lots of opinions on how often and how much to feed an adult. I think every other day is fine, but I don't see a problem with daily feedings. As long as he won't get more than the equivalent of 4-5 adult size crickets a day, I don't think he'll get fat.

Most of my female veileds live to be over 6 years old and the males live to be even older...some have lived to be over 8 years old. I don't breed my females often though...and I control their diet so that they will produce smaller clutches.

You will be able to tell if you are overfeeding it if the body starts to get too round/fat. You have to worry more about overfeeding a female than a male. Females will produce too many eggs if overfed....and will/can produce infertile clutches before being bred too.

By the time my veiled males are 8 or so months old, I cut them back to being fed every other day. Its important to gutload your insects and to dust them before feeding them to your chameleon. If you read some of my other answers to posts you will find the schedule I use. One of the main things that veileds are prone to is MBD...so this is important.
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