What's the best gtp bedding?

Discussion in 'Other Reptiles And Pets' started by no1lizardguy, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. no1lizardguy

    no1lizardguy New Member

    Hey guys I know this is cham forums but you guys r always helpful what's the best bedding to use for an adult green tree python?
  2. EvilLost

    EvilLost New Member

    you should look over on the CHONDRO boards for that answer...


    There are links for you :)

    EDIT: GTPs are not beginner snakes....really shouldn't be messing with one if you are that inexperienced :x I saw your other thread about the carpet....please realize that although many snakes are very easy to keep, GTPs are not such snakes (they are exotic tropical snakes with much more complicated care requirements than most terrestrial pythons). Just something to be aware of.
  3. smokedout

    smokedout New Member

    They were my first snake and they are all doing great to this day. However, I have had chams a long time. So they were easy. My personal favorite are Aru. They tend to be the most docile. Biak is the most common and tend to be the most defensive. I hope you enjoy being bit, lol.
  4. no1lizardguy

    no1lizardguy New Member

    I am getting a tame blue aru and I have had reptiles for over 12 years along with chams I have the cage set perfectly and I already kno wht beddings I can use i just like to hear what actual owners use.
  5. no1lizardguy

    no1lizardguy New Member

    Also I never was into carpet pythons never researched them or anything my friend gave it to me cuz he knew I was good with reptiles. but gtp are my dream snake I been researching them for over a year now and like I said just like to hear actual owners oppions and not just a book.
  6. smokedout

    smokedout New Member

    I do not use bedding. I have a clean, bare floor and a live plant.
  7. no1lizardguy

    no1lizardguy New Member

    what is your cage floor made of? mine is wood.

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