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After losing my beloved 13 year old cattledog before Christmas I found myself really missing a dog buddy (or maybe it was just the hair). I began searching around online for a dog to rescue and found not one, but TWO mellow cattledogs in shelter/rescues to meet.

At first I was going to adopt one of them but had to meet both and decide. The dogs, rescue staff, and I all met up in Denver. We found that the dogs got along very well and balanced each other out. I ended up bringing both home. There are times when I regret it a little, but other times I love watching them together and think they are becoming good friends.

Jake is 7, built like a tank at 56 pounds, blue black in color. Very beautiful dignified dog. Bug is 2, a bundle of muscle at 35 pounds, a sandy red, and quite submissive. That's probably why she was dumped at a kill shelter...she will never be brave enough to herd livestock so her breeder/owner had no time to waste on her.

We've only been home a week, so we are still getting to know each other. But yesterday I came home to find both dogs asleep instead of crying for me. They looked a bit embarrassed to be caught napping on the job but it was heaven for me!

I'll try to post their shelter pics. Not great, but all I have right now.


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They are cool looking dogs. The second one looks like he's smiling at ya. I love the reptiles but I haveta have a good dog in the house at all times also. I have an english bullie: Angus. He's my room mate and designated couch hog.
Congratulations! How wonderful that you found what you were looking for (x2) at a shelter. You're very lucky, and so are your new pups!
Congratulations! How wonderful that you found what you were looking for (x2) at a shelter. You're very lucky, and so are your new pups!

Actually they were not at the same shelter. Unfortunately there are lots of cattledogs (blue heelers) in shelters across the US because several Aussie movie stars have them and one was in the Road Warrior movie. Ignorant buyers decide they just have to have the same dog Mel Gibson made famous. Bad news for the breed. Too many impulse buyers, badly bred/raised pups, and so often people decide to get a puppy right before or right after having a child. These dogs WILL nip/herd kids and are not gentle unless you know what you are doing. Fat pink darting things will invite chasing. They can't be dumped in a suburban back yard to amuse themselves. Why do families get a dog like this when no one is home all day or dedicate time to tire the dog out either? If they are left to their own creativity the results will be horrible, guarranteed. Velcro dogs, Einstein dogs..not for the faint of heart. But, once you understand their busy minds there isn't a better dog on the planet (IMHO). They are often described as "furry tumors" because they want to be everywhere you are. No more time alone in the bathroom. The car will never be clean. If you don't want 90 lbs of dog-generated warmth on the couch or in bed with you forget it.

Jake came from a no-kill shelter in WY. There didn't seem to be a safe way to fly him out of the area so his shelter director offered to drive him down to Denver (and visit her daughter). Bug was at a herding breed rescue in Denver. She was pulled off death row in NM. The two dogs met for the first time when all of us did. Considering all they were exposed to I think they are doing wonderfully. They are so darned smart and eager to please the "boss" (as long as you make sure you ARE the boss!). Granted, I did search very carefully before narrowing down to these two. You can't just plop to herding dogs together and hope for the best.

Now teaching them that moose and porcupines will not be herded is still ahead of us. I've done it before, but still dread it. Bug is shy and won't be too hard, but Jake is a bit too brave for his own good.
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I have a Cattle Dog mix named Jake too :) He's a great dog. We're his 3rd family and we just can't figure out why anyone would give him away. He'll turn 16 in October and he keeps up with our younger dogs no problem :D
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