What tyes of chams can a graceful go with


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i got a graceful male a few days ago and want to see if he can go with another type because i think that the panthers are really cool but do not know no much info please reply:)
As a general rule mixing species is not a good or recommendable idea. Very few people do it successfully long term. More often than not one will end up fighting the other.

If you do get another chameleon you will have to supply it with a completely separate cage, lights, etc.
So could i have two gracefuls

Not in the same cage unless they are hatchlings, and even that is very temporary. To have two chams regardless of species, the best and safest way is to have two separate cages with a visual barrier in between.
Sometimes people sell chameleons in pairs, but the animals will not be housed in the same enclosure (with the exception of pygmies sometimes).
o well my friend had two jacksons in the same tank and they lived for 7 years together they were a boy and girl of the same liter i think
Gracefuls are quite aggressive and territorial with eachother. I wouldn't attempt it, as it could have negative results.
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