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There is an adult meller's chameleon where I work. A month and a half ago, I found her (I am guessing the sex, as there are no black spots behing flaps), biting her tail. I poked her to make it stop. I came in one morning and it was pretty bad. I got some Baytril and treated her , with vet's help. she got better, but has started biting herself again.
She is eating and drinking well, but has a mental disturbance.
I had emailed Kristina at Meleri discovery and she said it happens sometimes with this species. Maybe stress from being captive.
anyway, I cannot sell her this way. What should I do? adopt her myself?
She needs to go to an experienced home and she may not live that long if she keeps doing that to herself.
It is frustrating, because it is such a beautiful animal.


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It would be great if you or someone you know could make him/her a really big cage or free range area to provide more space and hopefully ease some of the stress of being confined!


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Not to be rude or anything but im new to the forums how do you post threads? Please message me and let me know. It would really be appreciated


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Blue84...select a forum that you want to post on by clicking on "Chameleon Forums" and then clicking on the forum you wish to post to (General Discussion, Health Clinic, etc.) At the top of that page click on "New Thread".


Well, she does have my heart. She reacts positively to me (more than other staff), maybe because I do not stress her as much as I have some at home.
I will talk to my boss and see what she says.
I'll let you know what happens.
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