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so im giving all my chams their weekly showers and now im holding my 1 1/2 female vield while she takes her finial breaths! :( .... she seemed fine this morning besides the fact her appatite was only 5 crickets insteed of 15... i figured it had something to do with her laying eggs on the 29 of march.... i watched her in the shower, she was doing nothing abnormal... played, drank, and hissed at me.. but when i got her off the plant she went limp! strugling for breath!

god i hate death!
this sucks so much! ive watched her grow since she hatched from my friends first clutch!

she was the runt of the batch so i took care of her! she always hed swelling problems but vets were stumbed! myh mom being a nurse said with a bad heart causes swelling due to bad circulation, so my guess is her heart just gave up! :(

Rip babby girl

I am so sorry!

How awful for you and especially with no idea as to what happened. I feel your pain first hand :(

Is it possible she had retained some eggs and was eggbound? Had she been mated or were they infert? Had she laid others? Sorry for all the ??? at this difficult time for you, but I had a female veiled who died at just over 2 years. Never bred, laid 4 clutches in a year and was working on another when she died (vet found egg follicles when he did the necropsy. She too was a "runt" and she had ongoing swelling and calcium imbalance problems. I can't tell you what I spent on vet bills for her. :rolleyes:

If you have a good vet and want to spend the $$ (I am in NH and it was $120) would be to have a necropsy done to see if they can figure the cause -it might give you peace of mind to know. In Luna's case it was due to a vessel bursting and we think it had to do with the constant clutch development. She went quick. I noticed color change in the morning and she died a few hours later on the way to the vet. Btw, if you do plan to have a necropsy done do NOT put her in the freezer, but in the fridge.

I really am sorry for the pain you're in:( :(

yah the clutch that she laid was Infertle but was planning on breeding her! she was beautiful and was a joy to raise! i gave her to my younger brother as a gift when she was old enough for someone besides me to raise! he did a fairly good job at it... i showed him how to give her supplements and all the different choises of foods for her... also i would always go in and check on her of corse! cant trust a 13yr old 100% rite!!!

Thanks everyone for the kind words... im going to go put her in a shoe box now and wait for my Little brother to get home so i can break the bad news to him!
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