What size watt bulb for basking light

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My veiled chameleon is in a 24x24x48 cage and his basking light fixture broke today before i was using a 75 watt zoo med basking bulb. Should I get a bigger watt bulb?


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you can use a 100 watt, but you must adjust the heighth of the bulb and the basking branch heighth to acquire the desired temp. Its not always about the wattage of the bulb but how you set it up that matters.


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Basking Temp

Hi i am planning to get my Yemen chameleon in the next 2 weeks, at the moment i am just getting the temperatures ready, my basking temp is at 85f is that too cold for a young chameleon. i have been doing some research on the internet and most of the sites are conflicting. Thanks

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I use just a regular 60 watt house bulb for all my Chams except babies under 4 months. The babies get a 40 watt.


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Im getting a new baby on Saturday...whats the best wattage on both bulbs
It depends on so many factors like how far away the basking spot is from the light, ambient temps and so on. You can start off with a 75 watt basking bulb and see what temp you get one the basking spot. You can always rise the light if its to hot.


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Im getting a new baby on Saturday...whats the best wattage on both bulbs
It also depends on what you are getting and how old they are. The care sheets in the resources tab have the correct basking temps for whatever kind of cham you have. It's more about the correct temp than the wattage.
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