what size is good

i have one baby that is growing a lot faster the the others. it has a s/v length of about 3inches. i have been feeding them large pinheads which are just under 1/4in i was wondering if it would be safe to start feeding the larger one 1/4in crickets the chameleon is only 3months and i want to be safe. i seperated it from the the others
is it growing faster because it is more agressive, or a better hunter? Or are they all etting an equal amount of food?
You might want to seperate that one out and feed him bigger food...it will also insure that the others are getting their fair share of food. The rule for food size is...the cricket can be as long as the head of the chameleons is wide. This is so they won't be a choking hazard...i would venture to guess that if they are 3 months they all might be ready for 1/4 inchers.
it is just a more agressive hunter. they all eat a good amount but this little girl is always the first to start hunting in the morning. i watch them all eat . the bigger one is more active the the others. thanks i just wantedto ask before i through some in with her
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