What size crickets?


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I need to order crickets cuz I am really parinoid now to buy any from petco since my friend lost her blue panther to bad crickets from there. So I want to order from Mulberry Farms but I am unsure what to order for size on their website? I bought the small not pinheads at the Repticon Show for Ozzie and I want to order him something else besides crickets so what type of smaller worms do your veiled babies like? I know I will probably have to be home when they deliver them so how fast do they deliver them? Thanks

Oh also my vet said they like flyless fruit flies???
You can buy small silkworms from Coastal Silkworms in Northern Florida. You can pay for overnight shipping. It will cost you though. Otherwise it can be a few days and with the warm weather approaching all over, you should be fine. They ship them with food and they survive the shipping just fine. Waxworms are small too but they are like the fattiest of all worms so if you use them don't go crazy with them. Do not buy hornworms until your cham is older. They grow at an alarming rate and will be too big to feed within a matter of days!
Yea I just would like to order everything from one place cuz I need crickets and some type of worms and food and odor control from them but I was unsure what size to get for Ozzie?
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