What size crickets should my Panther Chameleon be eating?


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So I have a Panther Chameleon, named Naira that I got a little over a month ago. She seems very healthy, active, and eats plenty of food (She always has a nice round looking belly!). I have been getting mixed signals about what I have been feeding however. I have been getting her crickets, and originally she was being fed the 1inch/fully grown crickets. Then once when I went to buy crickets from where I originally got Naira from I was told that she would do fine on the smaller kinds of crickets. Since I don't want to bother my neighbors with the sound of chirping I thought these little ones would be a better idea so I started getting her the little ones. When I gave her the little ones I always made sure that she had at lease 10-15 she can eat at one time and she seemed to be doing fine. She even started growing bigger! But then some people told me today that the little ones were not what was best for her and that it was better if I got her the larger ones and gave her 6-8 at a time.
Bottom line: Is there really a difference in what size crickets I get for her as long as I make sure that there is enough to appease her appetite?
Thank you!
Need to get her size and age to get a better idea. Smaller is usually better in my book, if your chameleon is eating them. If too small chameleon will tend to ignore the food item. But a variety of different shapes and sized is best, to simulate the chameleon. Variety is best.
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