What should we do now?


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I have a 13 month male panther and 11 monthe female, that I am trying to breed. She was showing receptive colors so we introduced them to each other. Everything was going as planned, Clyde (our male) was in position on top of her, and then they fell off of the branch that they were on and he kind of jabbed her in the eye. Needless to say she turned almost black right away. I took him out of there until she calmed down, and tried to reintroduce them after she calmed down, but theey won't even look at each other now. He does none of the head bobbing and she turns dark. Are they scarred for life?:confused:
If they mated the female might just be gravid. All I can say is wait and see...and try to mate them again in a few days....cautiously (show them to each other and watch for the reactions).
She hasn't shown any signs of being gravid. She is usually the nice peachy color until she has stayed that way while he was in view so I put them in the cage together and it seems like they do everything to avoid each other. She doesn't get stressed usually, but he wants nothing to do with her now.
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