What should i use to stick fake plants to my vivarium?

I normally use a little silicon. Use hot glue to hold it in place while the silicon dries. If you only use hot glue, over time water will make it gold.



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i usually use blu-tac or sellotape

basically any thing that will keep it there and not harm the chameleon. but ask someone in a local reptile centre if you have one or look on google.


Mr Wilson

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We use industrial strength velcro so we can take things on and off while cleaning. It makes things so easy. Plus it helps us put things right back where they were since the velcro is still stuck to the side of the enclosures which probably makes it easier for the chams to get comfy again after everything has been taken our.


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I have always used thin zip ties and trimmed the excess. They hide well within the foliage, anyone see any problems with this? Hasn't been a problem for me.
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