What set-up does a Jackson Chameleon need?


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Hi All,
I am looking to buy a Jackson Chameleon in the next few months and have been reading up on them a ton! I have already gotten a mesh cage for it, the cage is approx. 2x2x4. I know I need lighting, temp gauge, humid gauge, dripper and a few other essentials but I was wondering if anyone could steer me in the direction of the best places to get these supplies and also the best place that won't rip me off and take my whole paycheck?

Thanks so much!


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I like this set up although the cage is a little smaller than what you have

here is another cage setup from a different sponsor with the same size cage that you have, the price is more than the one above so it depends on what you can afford. they do have another set up that comes with a mistking system but is even more expensive, which is a breaking point for me

maybe you could take or copy down what those setups come with and try to buy the same items individually or return the cage you already have and buy one of those complete setups....


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I got my whole set up from ChameleonsOnly aka Kammerflage Kreations also. I never really checked their prices against anyone else so I don't know if they are high or low. You can also check out LLL Reptiles. they have tons of supplies also.


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I like to reward the forum sponsors with my business, since they support the forum.
LLL Reptile has been a good source of supplies at reasonable prices.
Do yourself a favor and get a misting system.
Jackson's need high humidity and a misting system makes that much easier to accomplish.
I like the MistKing system, quiet, reliable, reasonably priced and it doesn't burn the pump out if I forget to refill the water reservoir in time.


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Ugh sorry about the slip up with the cricket foor I posted it on a lack of sleep haha. Thanks all so much for the infor I will check out lllrep right away!:)
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