what r these plants?????


Friendly Grasshopper
so i have these plants and im not to sure what kind they are and if they r safe for mt cham.

this one said Dracenea on it but so did many other plants that looked way different it was at wallmart soo...:rolleyes:


this is a braided money tree, just not sure if its cham safe?


and i have no clue what these next two are.



any help would be great i dont know anything about plants
The first one is definitely a Dracaena, you can use it for your chameleon without any problems. Second one may be a Pachira, I would use it, too.
Dracaena is good, the third one is good I forgot the name, but money trees are toxic. Not sure about the fourth one.
Three yeas and a nay

The first is Dracaena marginata; its safe enough, but will be damaged by animals climbing on the soft young leaves. The second one is Pachira aquatica; safe again; new leaves are also vulnerable. The third one is Zamioculcas; I can find no cases of poisoning, but is is an Aroid and certainly has rhaphides - crystals of oxalic acid - and in this case, I would not use it. The third one is "coleus", and in spite of the pink color, it is safe. It's way too soft for use though.

While you picked reasonably safe plants, none of them have much structure. I would shop again for plants that are both safe and can tolerate animals climbing on them; pothos, dwarf Schefflera, Ficus benjamina, and perhaps Hibiscus should be easy to find.
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