What plants are safe for Parsons chameleons


Hi, I'm going to be receiving my first parsons orange eye chameleon soon and I am wondering what are some safe plants for Parsons chameleons

Action Jackson

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My go to tree for Juvenile and adult Parson’s is the Schefflera specifically Calyptratus Tupidanthus which is multi trunking but there are several types that work great.

Motherlode Chameleon

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Schefflera's species are great for Calumma parsonii ssp. I would recommend Schefflera arboricola for juveniles Calumma parsonii parsonii and Schefflera amate for adult Calumma parsonii parsonii.

I also recommend having a walk around your local nursery for non toxic plants that have got good sized circumfrance stems.

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Jeremy A. Rich
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