What is your favorite species of chameleon?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Goldenarcher1328, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Goldenarcher1328

    Goldenarcher1328 New Member

    Figured i could start up a fun topic for a lazy morning here at the house.

    What is your favorite species of chameleon and why. It can be anything from a small locale or subspecies, or if your obsessed with an entire group of chameleons that works too.

    Figured this could be a good area of discussion.

    My top three would have to be:

    Why? Because i really enjoy working with larger species in general. When it comes to dogs, only big dogs do for me, as for fish its large Catfish and Gar, for reptiles, large Chameleons and Monitors. i hated only having small frail animals all the time when i did things like live bearer show breeding in fish. so i upgraded to the biggest and the baddest.

    Would i buy an animal only because of that? No way, however if i can handle one and its appropriate for me, then i certainly will get one.
  2. LucasD

    LucasD New Member

    Nosy Faly Panther chameleon. It's just so unatural and wild looking. I live in Tennessee, so the most colorful thing we ever see is the occasional squirrel.
  3. camimom

    camimom New Member

    My fav at the moment are Triceros Hoehnelli.
    However, I will also put my name with the ones you mentioned.
    I would also like to point out, that I love them all.

    I cant claim one fav over others because htey all have things i like about them. so for me, its like comparing apples to oranges.
  4. Goldenarcher1328

    Goldenarcher1328 New Member

    Totally agreed. if i could, i would keep 2+ of every species in their own perfect enclosures. however due to monetary problems, i can't do that. haha
  5. camimom

    camimom New Member

    Money, space, time, equipment, all reasons i dont own more chams.
  6. DekuScrub

    DekuScrub Avid Member

    Trioceros werneri, they have those little flaps on the back of their heads and cool warty scalation.

    what are those flaps called again? anyone anyone? melleri have them too

    Bradypodion transvaalense, just becuase of recent posts. i cant stop drooling

    and Kinyongia multituberculata, the long tail and dorsal scales, and the log growing out of their faces.

    ......actually i think that might just be a wishlist. the only one of those ive owned is werneri, and i wish i had never gotten rid of them. at least not before having bred them..... oh well

    i think my favorite species is still gonna have to be veiled. nothing beats a gorgeous male veiled. and i think thats why i havent gotten one since i started up again. ive seen a lot of bland, subpar male veileds in recent years. and im afraid that if i get a youngster he wont turn out looking as nice as i would expect.

    my favorite individual chameleons ive ever owned? is probably a tie between a male panther Spuzmahker and a probably male melleri Balthazar. just based on personality.
  7. camimom

    camimom New Member

    How bout a male from Kink, my male veiled? ;)
  8. DekuScrub

    DekuScrub Avid Member

    the one in your profile under "hanging out"? yeah hes a looker. ive just been seeing all these males with tiny or oddly shaped casques, small frames and dull coloration.
  9. camimom

    camimom New Member

    Yup. thats him.
    Hes not dull at all, hes not that small, and his casque is perfectly shaped.

    and his gf Lily is due to lay in a week or so.
  10. ChamomilleCame

    ChamomilleCame Avid Member

    I've started to love johnstonis. They're just so colorful :)
    And kingyongias (any) I think their horns are pretty cool :cool:
  11. Olimpia

    Olimpia Biologist & Ecologist

    For me, panthers, hands down.
    I love the shape of their heads, their size, their colors, their scales and spikes, everything (and this includes males and females equally). Regardless of whatever else I own I think panthers will always be my favorites. Hopefully there will always be a panther in my collection, maybe even descendants of my current pair, but time will tell.

    Meller's and carpets are a close second, and I've had both. I would like to own another Meller's but they are so hard to come by. I'm also getting a B. trans which will be great, I'm sure.
  12. armyrec1

    armyrec1 New Member

    We love our Panthers, Their colors are amazing :)
    But having said that, the Triceros Hoehnelli keep catching my eye. I think I would like one of those next. Love the little spins under their chin's and the cute little nose :)
  13. arnau666

    arnau666 New Member

    1st parsons - they look so ancient and dinosaur like , so nice head,the color of the eyes ....its so crazy
    2nd panthers - they can amaze you with their colors and paterns
    3rd veileds - love the head and temper

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