What is the "perfect" temperature for you Cham?


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It is often recommended that Chameleons should be provided a cage with very specific temperature and humidity requirements.

As a scientist, I was rather curious as to what the temperatures would be, if he was actually living in the wild on the island of Madagascar.

Since I live in North America, and Madagascar is South of the equator, the better temperatures records would be from six months ago.

When it is Summer in the USA, it is Winter in Madagascar.

However, http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/67027.html was able to give me some idea of the actual low and high temperatures today in Madagascar, along with humidity and other weather information.

As keepers of these wonderfull creations of evolution, we all strive to reproduce their natural environment, to the best of our abilities.

I was curious if anyone else was actually monitored the natural temperature cycles of their Chameleon's home of origin?
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I think Tygerr (member name) had made a chart with monthly temps for either madagascar or yemen, I tried searching for it to give a link but couldn't find it.

In my opinion there is no 'perfect' temperature for them, but rather a temperature range...
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