What is the best way to gutload crickets, mealworms and hoppers?


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Hello I have just purchased mealworms,crickets and hoppers I am keeping them all on a substrate of oatmeal the crickets and hoppers have cardboard tubes with a ball of wet toilet roll and are currently eating romaine lettuce and carrot. I am not sure if it is any relevance but I am keeping them all at room temperature. I am just wandering what is the best way to gutload all of them?

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IMO, with crickets, there is no better way to offer them water, than orange slices. :)

I only keep hoppers for a day or two, and I just offer them the oranges to drink during that time. Im not sure what other nutritious things they may eat.:confused: I tried some greens on them, and they didnt seem to want anything but the orange.

Here is sandrachameleons blog, it has everything youd like to know on gutloading, and then some ;)

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