What is the best temps to have a Chameleon outside?


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Well, its slowly but surely warming up, and with a little bit more snow fall last night.. :mad: I was wondering when I should bring my Chameleons outside.. I guess it's somewhere around the 50's today and I am wanting to get my Chams outside for some natural sunlight, especially after having them cooped up inside since last September. I don't plan do take them out in this windy weather, but what temps? mid 60's to mid 80's?
when the temps outside can match the temps of his baskings spot then thats a good time to take them out. just make sure he has ample shade spots in case he gets too hot.
His basking is around 82-85 somedays, and it doesn't get to be that warm in South Dakota, once and a while it will. hmm. I wish it would be warm enough. Only 17 days until I get to stay home with them for 3 months solid! ^__^
high 60's to 70's weather is fine with sunlight

lol tho i dont know your weather at South D, i am in cham weather heaven:cool:
I put my guys out when it is in the 60s. Typically my outside cages are about 10 degrees warmer.

Maybe you could test temps in different spots in your yard for warm spots?
I might just wait until school is out then I will know for sure it will be nice enough to keep them outside for the days. :)
I take mine out in the spring when the night temps are forecast to remain above 50 and leave them out all summer until early fall when the night temps are again forecast to drop below 50.

I don't pay much attention to what the day temps are doing, other than to run my misters longer on the hottest days of summer to avoid excessive heat.

Chams don't need outdoor temps equal to their indoor basking spots to warm up. Lizards are like bricks- they can build heat up in their body and become warmer than the surrounding ambient temperature from basking in the solar radiation.

By way of example- I've seen my bearded dragons who also are out all summer using the same night temperature guidelines breeding when ambient day temperatures are in the mid 60s! This would never happen indoors- most likely they would be sleeping and dormant at those temperatures indoors. The sun is much different from a heat light...
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