What is the best lighting?


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I currently use MV & UVB fluoros but this lighting although suitable for cham health requirements does not always give the most best viewing for us.

Ive always been involved with Reef Aquariums and reef lighting has progresses in leaps and bounds with LED & even Plasma technology.

Has anyone heard of these types of technology being adapted to reptile lighting?
I haven't read anything about new technologies, but most people here will tell you to use a regular house bulb. I've switched. It's cheaper and it provides enough light and basking warmth. I mean we use them to light a room, so they should be enough to light a cage; a fraction of a rooms size. Just depends what wattage you go with.
ever since they came out ( since i was using hydroponic growing light for my chams) the self ballasted mercury vapor uva\uvb light work really well IMO..they seem to have worked well for my chams for years (about 12 years now) and i swear by them, unless you use metal halide lighting (works great for salt water reef set ups)..but one bulb for a 6 foot by 3 foot free range works great to me ( and a mist king, and a cup feeder bolted to the wall near the basking site)..
run a dual bulb linear fixture with your UVB light and a 4300K/Grow light for bulbs and it brings out better colors than my panther throws in real sunlight
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